Top tips on becoming a dad

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If there’s one thing that separates the men from the boys, it’s how they deal with being a dad. Here’s some top tips to help you step up to the plate.

1. You can’t really break the baby!
Don’t be afraid to pick your baby up for a cuddle! There’s a knack to it when they are really little, but don’t worry, your instincts as a dad will
kick in.

2. Don’t Panic.
You might feel like you’re having a heart attack when the midwives, doctors, and health visitors disappear and leave you holding the baby. Prepare for this in your mind. Stay calm, work together and remember that help is always on hand.

3. Know where to turn.
Keep a list of important numbers next to the phone, so that when panic does set in you can get help or advice quickly. As well as the midwife, doctor, health visitor (and your mum), include friends with children, your antenatal teacher and the breastfeeding helplines.

4. Be patient 
New mums have a lot to cope with—lots more than you! Get ready to be patient and supportive at all costs. She’s carried the baby for 9 months, given birth and is now worried about being mum—she deserves to be a bit narky! More seriously, read up on post-natal depression. Get to know the signs and get help quickly if you’re worried.

5. Breast is best
Breastfeeding will give your baby the best start possible, but make sure you don’t pressure your partner. Make the decision together and make sure she knows that you’ll be there to support her if she decides to give it a go.

6. Fill the cupboards
Stock up your cupboards and freezer with plenty of food to make quick and easy meals. You’ll have very little time on your hands for a while and meals prepared in advance are great for saving precious minutes (and reducing washing up!)

7. What about sex?
In the early days, it’s unlikely that sex will be on the agenda at all.  She’s likely to be far too tired, sore, and self-conscious about her body. Take this on board and help her to feel loved and attractive again. Give her lots of cuddles, and tell her how beautiful she is and how proud of her
you are.

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