Star Stories: Michaela and Jaden

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Star Stories

My name is Michaela and this is my son, Jaden, who’s now nearly one-year old. We live in Doncaster. I was really happy to have breastfed Jaden when he was a young baby, and mostly I found breastfeeding was just as I had been told – quite easy, with Jaden mostly knowing just what to do when he was fed. There were a few surprises along the way, though – Jaden was jaundiced so got tired quickly when he was feeding, so I really had to take each day as it came.


 Star Stories: Michaela and Jaden


I found that breastfeeding itself wasn’t really painful, it was more the after pains as my womb shrunk that was uncomfortable. Thankfully I just reminded myself that this meant I’d get my figure back more quickly! Don’t forget the midwife is there to help you, reassure you and support you. Try to keep going, taking each day at a time and quite quickly you will start to feel more confident. If you really want to breastfeed you can do it – just remember there is a lot of support for you if you need it


Don’t forget…


Sadly I stopped breastfeeding Jaden much sooner than I ever imagined that I would because my fiancé was killed in Afghanistan when Jaden was just a few weeks old, and for this reason I had to stop. My advice above all is to definitely give it a go, get help when you need it and enjoy every minute as you just don’t know what’s around the corner. I’ve put together some top-tips for you to read. I hope that you find them useful! Feel free to leave comments below to share tips of your own.


Good luck!!

Michaela x

Don’t give up…


Things I found helpful:

  •  Don’t expect to see a huge change in the size of your breasts! People often assume your boobs get massive when pregnant, sadly that isn’t always the case. But it doesn’t mean your not able to breastfeed, the right amount is there and you may not notice a change till your milk arrives after birth
  • Shop for some nursing bras at around 36 weeks pregnant, I just got measured and bought a pack with 2 night time nursing bras (similar to sports bra, but with drop down cups) then at least you have something for hospital and the few days after, and when your milk arrives go and get measured again as you will be bigger. They’re not cheap so don’t buy loads till your confident that you’ll carry on breastfeeding
  • Breast pads are a lifesaver throughout pregnancy, some people don’t leak but I first noticed some creamy/yellowy coloured stains in my bra when I was around 16 weeks, and I leaked ever since. Some people leak earlier than that, I was reassured it was all normal

Breastpads are a lifesaver…

  • Don’t give up if things are tiring and painful; persevere because it will get better. Ask a midwife or health visitor for help and get the support you need. If could be something as little as positioning or not latching on properly
  • Don’t think you just put yo ur baby to your boob and it all happens from there. It is definitely a skill and you both have to practice till you learn. I thought you just stuck your baby on your nipple and he/she sucked it until I read about it. If you really want to breastfeed, get lots of info on it, and ask lots of questions. And don’t use the attitude ‘I’ll see if it works’, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t. But you’ll notice when people ask how you’re choosing to feed and you say ‘breastfeeding’, they’re quick to jump and say ‘if it works for you’ or ‘if you can’. Just take it in your stride, but ignore these comments. I found it really annoying but just agreed to avoid the debate!

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