Star Stories: Mariya and Kasharn

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Star Stories

Hi — I’m an 18-year-old mum with an 8-month old baby boy, I am currently breast feeding. I never really had to think about how to feed my baby I just did what felt natural to me, I didn’t really know about breast feeding but was aware that members of my family had breastfed and they seemed to cope OK. I was really surprised at the reaction of people around me — they were all very impressed that I had made the decision as a young mum to breastfeed my baby.


I may have been very lucky as I didn’t have any difficulties with breastfeeding although the first couple of months do take getting used to when you are not in complete control of your body — but I didn’t think this was too much of a sacrifice as the benefits of breastfeeding far out weighed any initial concerns I had.


One of the benefits to breastfeeding is that it is so convenient. If you are out and about, and your baby is hungry food comes at the right temperature and you never had to worry about it being too hot or too cold! I don’t have to carry bottles and formula milk when out visiting people either, which is great. it was a bit uncomfortable at first, feeding Kasharn in public places, but fortunately the few times I have done it, I have been able to be discreet which has meant that my baby is not missing out on going places with friends and family!


I strongly recommend breastfeeding to all mums young or older if you can. I gave it a try and 8-months later I am still feeding my baby! Good luck in what ever decision you make.



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