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Rosie lives in Nottingham with her daughter, Elizabeth. Before she became a mum, Rosie completed her studies and worked full-time for a customer service company. Before having children she used to enjoy socialising with family and friends, eating out and travelling. Rosie gave birth to her son, Joe, in 2010 and is now on maternity leave again following the birth of her daughter, Elizabeth.

Please explain why you’ve chosen to breastfeed?
The main reason why I have chosen to breastfeed Elizabeth is for the health benefits (for us both!). I wanted to give her the best start in life and know that my breast milk is best for her. I worked out that I save approximately £64 a month by breastfeeding, which is a real bonus too! I didn’t feed my son, Joe, and feel guilty about that now.

What did the people around you think of your decision to breastfeed?
My family and friends were all really supportive and accepted my decision. My partner does feel like he has missed out on feeding Elizabeth, but has been so hands on that is has not affected their bonding. Unlike when we bottle-fed our son, he feels like he is unable to provide everything she needs but has still been very supportive. If your partner feels the same way, reassure him that there are loads of things he can do to bond with baby, like bath-time.

What general advice would you give to expectant mums considering breastfeeding?
Don’t be afraid, don’t be worried and don’t be embarrassed – breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world!

What advice would you give to mums whose partner/friends/parents disapprove of breastfeeding?
If you want to breastfeed your baby, then breastfeed your baby. If people around you disapprove, try talking to them to find out why, and discuss the benefits with them. At the end of the day, breastfeeding is best for you and your baby so if you feel you can do it, you should go with it!

Do you think that there are any drawbacks to breastfeeding?
Breastfeeding takes longer than bottle feeding, unless you express other people cannot help and breastfeeding in public can take a bit of getting used to… but it is SO rewarding and such a great way to bond with your baby which greatly outweighs all the little drawbacks.

Did you speak to anyone for advice or do any research about feeding?
As I bottle-fed my first baby I didn’t really know much about breastfeeding. My midwife spoke to me about breastfeeding at my antenatal appointments, and a parent education class at the hospital looked at breastfeeding too. The information I received made me aware of all the benefits and as a result I decided to give it a go!

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