Lydia Maidment, Nottingham

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Lydia Maidment, Nottingham


Lydia lives in Nottingham with her son, Jared. Before she became a mum, Lydia worked full-time and, in her own word, “didn’t know the meaning of the word tired!”. She went back to work after her first child, and will be going back to work again next month when her maternity leave ends. When she does, she will be juggling part-time work with family life.

Please explain why you’ve chosen to breastfeed?
I wanted to give my baby the best start in life that I could. I also wanted to make sure that I developed a really close bond and relationship with Jared. Breastfeeding was something that only I could do for Jared and I think that that makes it really special.

What did the people around you think of your decision to breastfeed?
My family have all been amazing and supportive. I know that they are proud of me for breastfeeding and they all love what a chubby happy breastfed baby Jared is.

What general advice would you give to expectant mums considering breastfeeding?
I would say that the first few weeks can be tough but well worth it. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that you can provide exactly what your baby needs. The benefits are great; you get your figure back quicker. It’s good to wear layers to help feed discreetly. The most important thing for me was having a well-fitted, supportive bra. Don’t be afraid to express regularly in the first few weeks if your breasts are engorged. It is harder for your baby to latch on when your breast is hard and expressing even an ounce can make it a lot easier for your baby to feed.

What advice would you give to mums whose partner/friends/parents disapprove of breastfeeding?
I would say ignore them; it’s your body that has grown the baby and your decision as to how and when you feed them. If anyone has been negative about me breastfeeding I have told them the benefits to my baby and pointed out that I would rather spend time cuddling my baby than sterilising bottles!

Do you think that there are any drawbacks to breastfeeding?
During the first few weeks your nipples can become very sore. It also means that you have to do all the night feeds! But it’s well worth it and saves you time in the long run, so give it a go!

Did you speak to anyone for advice or do any research about feeding?
I talked to my mum and granny, which helped me to make the decision. When my first child was born I also had brilliant support from a specialist breastfeeding midwife. So with Jared I was ready and had already found a breastfeeding group to go to before he was born, I would really recommend going to a group, it’s really good to talk to other mums who understand how you’re feeling and just chatting will pass on amazing advice.

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