Bonding without boobs

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 Bonding w/o boobs

Whilst there are two very good  reasons why dads don’t breastfeed, there’s no reason at all why they shouldn’t bond with their baby.

You might not have the boobs, but you do have the heart, the brain and a knack of finding ways around things. Are you really going to let the fact that you were born without boobs get in the way of being best mates with your brand new bundle of joy?

Paul Wegener, 22 from Little Hulton certainly didn’t. “I think I have a stronger bond with my baby than if he’d been bottle fed. It made me find other things to do with him rather than just relying on bonding by feeding. I go to Dad and Baby groups with him, but it’s as simple as playing, cuddling and spending time together.”

Bonding isn’t some magical thing that only happens between mums and babies. A bond is what connects people together—it grows out of the time you spend together and the way you care for each other. You bond with your family, you bond with your partner. You even bond with your mates!

Now, we’re not suggesting that you take your newborn down the Feathers for a couple of pints. But the fact is there’s loads of ways you can carve out a special place in their hearts without stuffing balloons up your jumper or saving up for implants. Some dads like to turn the tables and claim part of the baby’s routine for themselves. “I took charge of the bathing,” explained Peter Purcell, 35 from Swinton. “It was something that I looked forward to all day—a special time that me and my daughter shared every day. It brought us really close together .”

The main thing is not to feel like you’re missing out on something because your partner’s doing all the feeding. It’s down to you! These are very special times in a dad’s life: get busy, get pro-active and enjoy getting to know each other.

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